What if you had a full-time (online) self-care coach?

Meditation. Talk therapy. Massage. Essential oils. CBD. Gua sha. Affirmations. Hot stones.

There can be a lot of tools and techniques involved in maintaining your mental and physical well-being. But we should not be surprised. 

Our bodies are cathedrals.

It would be foolish to try and maintain a cathedral with one tool. Imagine using a broom for every challenge a cathedral faces! Got mice? Grab a broom! Leaky ceiling? Sweep that up! Gargoyle cracked … well, you get the picture.

The challenge for any busy person is keeping all of the tools in mind, and knowing which one to use at what time.

We are drawn to coaches and programs so we can learn the techniques and when and how to use them. But it can often be hard to remember which one is right for this moment.


What if you had a self-care coach?

Having a coach enables you to ask questions about a specific situation. For a baseball player, it might be a question about hitting a certain type of pitch. For a business leader, it might be a question about dealing with a specific employee problem. Many women turn to their mother for advice on specific life problems.

What if you had a coach or a mentor to give you advice and to keep you in a regular self-care routine? 

What if that coach could help you balance your beauty, your physical health, and your mental health?

What if that person was available and ready whenever you needed them, instead of on a specific set schedule of their own choosing?

Online counseling on demand. Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

I have found such a platform, and I am recommending it to you.

LUER combines meditation with your beauty routine. Incorporating deep breaths for calming, facial reflexology, and even gua sha facial massage, it is a comprehensive approach to your morning or evening beauty ritual.

As you look in your mirror, you are guided to find the point where you have been storing stress. You are given suggestions and coaching for how to release it in a way that promotes beauty, inside and out. 

Your hands are guided in healing yourself.


Tutorials and workshops

As in any new practice or skill, you can’t be expected to master it in one short video. The best, most comprehensive way to upgrade your habits and routines is through a series of ongoing tutorials and workshops designed to teach and then reinforce the most comprehensive self-care routine you’ve ever had.

There when you need it, these workshops will cover specific aspects of self-care. Think of them like this blog – you have many resources and explanations at your fingertips, ready when you need them.

If you are curious about a topic, you can look here for information.

The same is true for LUER. If you have a question about how to release the tension trapped in your face, or how to combine affirmations with your beauty routine, there will be tutorials to walk you through it.


Gua sha

One of the techniques that will be explained is the ancient practice of gua sha. 

With the use of smooth-edged tools, the practice of gua sha or “coining” pushes tension aside and draws healing resources to the surface of your skin. 

Gua sha improves blood circulation, breaks down fascia, and encourages lymphatic draining. Together these differences slowly reduce the age and tension visible in your face. And while the body lets go of tension and toxins, your mind is allowed to let go of the emotional weight it carries.

Observe yourself. See your beauty. Release your tension.


The benefits of intuitive self-care

By combining your mental well-being routine with your physical beauty routine, you save time and amplify the effects.

A stress-free face carries fewer wrinkles. Mental well-being is reflected in your physical well-being. 

There are many benefits to combining these routines into one:

– being present with yourself for a dedicated time

– honoring time for self-care

– listening to your intuition

– redefining what beauty means to you

– enhancing self-love and positive body image

– being comfortable in your own skin


Enhance your gua sha ritual with mindfulness and breathing exercises.

Contact Sakina today.

We also encourage non-toxic skincare to enhance the benefits of the practice.

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