Raise happy emotionally intelligent children with ELO deck

What Is ELO Deck and How Can it Help You Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children?

A simple deck of sensory flashcards can help you engage your children in important conversations that will allow them to explore their emotions and better understand the world around them. 

The ELO (rhymes with “Hello”) Deck is designed to help your child explore, learn about, and observe the world around them.

Designed with growing children in mind, the ELO Deck can work first as a straightforward set of affirmations. On one side of each card is a simple affirmation, like “my friends and family need me,” or “I am responsible for my own actions.”

We know that simply reading or reciting affirmations can help a person better understand their relationships with the world and gain confidence and self-assurance. Me and my ELO Deck co-developers wrote these affirmations leaning on our experience as parents and my training and experience as a licensed family therapist. 

They are age-appropriate, and suitable for family discussions with even your youngest children and their friends.

Each one affirms your child’s strengths and role in the family, the classroom, with their friends, and in the community.


Is an ELO Deck just affirmations?

While the ELO Deck affirmations are an important part of each card, that’s only one side of the story – or one side of the card.

On the other side of each beautiful and sturdy ELO Deck card, parents and educators will find four important components to help them build on the affirmation.

Goal – this statement helps you and your child see why this affirmation is important.

Converse + Bond – these questions and ideas promote a deeper connection between you and your child. By relating the affirmation to their real life – specific tasks they have at home, for instance, or relationships with their siblings or friends – you can help your child navigate their world successfully. This helps them understand they can trust you with problems, and develops a bond that will come in handy during their most difficult times growing up.

Activity – for the most active and involved parents and educators, each affirmation comes with at least one activity that provides a visceral way for your child to see the idea in action. A few simple ingredients or supplies might be needed, but we took care to make sure these are items people typically have at home. You can explore and discuss each idea in a whole new way.

Psychology – for each affirmation and goal, we want to provide you with the underlying concept. What does this affirmation reinforce in your child? Why does this particular affirmation 


Now the teacher or parent has more than just a positive statement. They have a series of resources and ideas to expand each lesson.


How can teachers use ELO Deck?

Because teachers play a crucial role in developing a child’s social-emotional intelligence, an ELO deck is appropriate in classrooms of almost all ages.

Teachers can use the affirmations to reinforce certain lessons that align with their classroom rules, school goals, and core values. 

Raise happy, emotionally intelligent children with the help of ELO Deck. Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels


This can be done as standalone lessons done with small groups or the entire class, using modified versions of the activities on the back of each card.

Or, an ELO Deck can be used as a solo time activity. Simply teach the ELO Deck structure to the class, then leave it in a portion of the classroom where they can use it at the appropriate time. Students can choose the affirmation that they need, and explore the ideas alone in writing, or with a guide.

The colorful pictures and easy-to-read cards are appealing to students, and sturdy enough to hold up over time.

How can families use ELO deck?

Families can use ELO Deck in a variety of ways.

Keeping a deck at the dinner tale allows the family to review the day together, and reinforce important lessons and ideas. With adults and children of all ages sharing their experiences and ideas, reinforcing your child’s strengths and values has never been so simple.

Some parents might opt to keep a deck in the back seat of the car. Then your child can open the deck and read to you on the way to or from school, the grocery, or anywhere else you drive. This takes that important time in the car, where you have each others’ undivided attention, and makes it even more meaningful.


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