Being a mom of two sons, I know being a parent can be a very difficult role to grow into. We have to navigate through uncharted territory and climb mountains we never knew existed. We welcome the calm before the chaos, but once the chaos hits it’s really anyone’s guess what can happen.
I hope to share proven and tried parenting techniques with you, as well as helpful information that can help propel you forward on your journey through parenthood.  
How often are  you at odds with your child?    
I believe that relationships are the essence of our existence. We are created through an intimate relationship. When we are in our mother’s womb, we start a relationship. That relationship is carried into the world that you and I share. As humans we experience relationships constantly – family being the primary source of contact.
I will be sharing information about intimate relationships and family relationships. In order to help navigate through positive and negative connections in your life.
What do your relationships look like?
One aspect of counseling that really drives me is self-growth. My profession allows me to reflect on my life often.  We live in a society that is every changing and growing at a fast pace. My outlook is – if we do not grow, we will get left behind. Growth is ultimately a lifestyle change- you can’t stop something from growing.
If we do not pay attention to our needs we can experience a sense of loss or confusion.  
As they say, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Make sure to take care of yourself and your light will radiate to those around you.  
When is the last time you had a moment of silence with yourself?


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